Concert Videos

Last season, Serenata partnered with SITE Santa Fe for a “cutting edge” series of Friday evenings entitled ‘Riffs & Digressions’, that delicious tension between the original thought or melody and the variance.

These concerts were casual, informative, family friendly and part of our regular subscription season. Our January and February 2020 concerts reflect timely themes of Barriers and Migration.

Sound, as a medium, aesthetically allows us to experience environment as connections between living things, cycles, and rhythms.

Video: Barriers


Feel your way through obstacles and impediments to movement with music from 1995 inspired by Amelia Earhart, the flinty, political and progressive works of Fred Rzewski that offer a space to be angry and reflective, and humanist, downtown composer Eve Beglarian’s idealistic rebellious episode Landscaping for Privacy.

Video: Migration


Uneven skies and stories of homeland define reality as told and performed by Syrian clarinetist, Kinan Azmeh and Sri Lankan pianist, Dinuk Wijeratne. Captivating and beyond borders, their all original music reflects art in the time of crises.

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